How do I point my existing domain to NCwebservice?

If you have an existing domain name, you will also need to point the domain to your new NCwebservice web hosting account. You can either change your name servers at your existing registrar, or transfer the domain to NCwebservice

If you are not sure which to chose, you may want to read:

Transferring a Domain vs. Changing Name Servers

Change Name Servers for your Domain Name

If you want to keep your domain registered with its current registrar, then you would change the name servers to point to NCwebservice. 

Every registrar has a different procedure for changing your domains DNS, however they are all done basically the same way. The welcome email you received from us provides you with the name servers you need to change your domain to. You will then take those name servers to wherever you bought your domain, and fill them in for your domain name.

Change your name servers to the following:

Transfer Your Domain Name Registration to NCwebservice

You can also transfer your domain registration to NCwebservice so you can manage your website and domain name with one company. The following articles will assist you with that.

How can I transfer my domain to you?

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