Getting started with a Website Package - 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 

Decide which of our "Website Packages" will accommodate your requirements

What you get

Each "Website package" comes with:
   1. One Free domain name (for newly registered domains).
   2. Hosting Account (this is were all your files are stored).
   3. Email service, for example
   4. Custom designed website (the number of web pages is determined by the package you select).

Step 2 

Decide a Domain Name for your "Website Package." This domain name will be FREE!

If you need help choosing a domain name, read our article: "Tips on choosing a domain name."

If you already have a domain name you have two options:
   1. Transfer your domain to Read our article: "How can I Transfer my domain to you?"
   2. You will update your nameservers on an existing domain. Read our aticle: "How do I point my existing domain to NCwebservice?"

Step 3

Order your "Website Package" you want and follow the instructions in the order process. (or we can place your order for you)

You may pay monthly or annually by credit card or mailing in a check.

Now it is time for us to begin designing your website.

Read our article: "Our process in desiging your website."

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